Portal And Pricing

Thursday, October 11

Address: Avenida Sonora 3808
Fracc.Chapultepec Tijuana
Tel (664)686-2895
Time: 2.00 to 5.00 pm

There will also be craft beers from Baja California. Chef Javier Plascencia receives his guest chef Doña Ofelia Toledo, originally from Juchitán de Zaragoza, daughter of a traditional Zapotec family, in love with the local product and mezcal. of the art of regional cuisine and one of the main representatives of the Imeña cuisine at the international level, as well as the Oaxacan chef José Manuel Baños and Chef Bricia López from La Guelaguetza restaurant in Los Angeles.
Sommelier Luis Miguel Auza.
Host chef: Javier Plascencia
Guest chefs: José Manuel Baños, Doña Ofelia Toledo and Bricia López.

Cost: $ 450.00 per person

Friday, October 12

Jose Maria Velazco 2331, 22400 Tijuana
Reservations at (664) 634-3039 or 634 7262
Time: 9:00 a.m.

Theme: Oaxacan Brunch

A special morning within the framework of the Baja California Culinary Fest with the theme of Oaxacan cuisine prepared by the host chef Zajar Campos and the special guest Doña Ofelia Toledo, spearhead of the Isthmian cuisine.
Host chef: Zajar Campos
Guest chef: Mrs. Ofelia Toledo.

Cost $ 290.00 per person


El Rey Sol

El Rey Sol

Theme: Celebrating its 65th Anniversary at the House of the Seven Patios

Description: Best Disfraced Table Contest: Plan your 8-person table and choose your favorite decade
Prize: Lodging for 1 Night in House of the Seven Patios (only for comparsa members), Dinner and Breakfast at home, served by Restaurant El Rey Sol
Dress Code: Cocktail or Costume (optional: 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s) House of the Seven Patios Km 99.75 Car. Fed. No 1, Ensenada.
Chef Juan Fermin Torres
Chef Alexis Bostelmann / Cancún
Cost $ 1,550.00 per person

Temaky Sushi Bar

Ave.Ruiz # 153 Local 1 and 2 Downtown Area
Tel. (646) 175-9105
Chef Elvira Romero
Chef Paul Zamudio
Sommelier Juan Carlos Alvarez
Cost $ 750.00 pp


Port area
Lieutenant Azueta # 139 Ensenada 22800
Tel. (646) 175 70 73
Chef Benito Molina
Chef Pedro Martin
Chef Luis Osuna
Cost $ 1,000 pp




Carretera Ensenada-Tecate Km. 83, Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California.

Tel. (646)155-2556
Rafael Magaña / Chef de Cocina-Ensenada
Chef Jair Tellez / Chef Owner-Ensenada
Andrés Blanco / Winemaker
Chef José Manuel Baños
Pastry chef Melissa Santamaría
Cost: $ 1500.00 pp


Rancho La Puerta

Chef Anfitrión: Denis Roa
Chefs invitados: Jonatan Gómez Luna
Diego Hernández

Costo: $1100.00 pp


La Querencia

TIJUANA La Querencia

Squadron 201-3110
Tel. (664) 972 9935
Host Chef: Miguel Ángel Guerrero
Guest chefs:
Monica Beteta
Chef Chad White
Chef Herve Fort
Pastry chef Ana Juncal
Sommelier Jorge Gómez
Cost $ 900.00 pp

Misión 19

Mission San Javier 10643 Urban Zone River
Tel. (664) 634-2493
Chef Javier Plascencia
Chef Guillermo González Beristain
Chef Trey Foshee
Chef Repostero Fernanda Prado
Sommelier Stacie Hunt and Pedro Poncellis
Cost $ 1,250.00 pp

La Caza Club

Calle Miguel Alemán # 2612 Col. América
Host Chef: Humberto Aviles
Guest chefs: Drew Deckman
Chef Repostero Marco Mundo
Sommelier Javier Albarrán
Cost $ 900.00 pp