Why Baja California

Why Baja Food Fest – What’s Special About California Culinary

  • Baja California’s cuisine is on everybody’s lips including culinary personalities like Rick Bayless, Andrew Zimmern, Aquiles Chavez, and Anthony Bourdain, to mention a few. These visits consolidated Baja California as an alive and breathing gastronomic center, a culinary destination where you can find all of the necessary ingredients for the realization of this great event, in which all of this will be presented to the world.


  • Baja’s geographic location provides with the perfect Mediterranean weather ideal for the harvesting, especially in its valleys, which cover more than 90% of Mexico’s wine production.

Baja Cuisine 

  • Extensive warm water coasts ideal provide the ideal ecosystem for the farming of oysters, mussels, and shrimp as well as being an important and competitive producer of abalone, lobster, sea urchin, sea cucumber, clam, and bluefin tuna.


  • The State has been the pioneer and innovator of new culinary tendencies offering unique dishes like the authentic Puerto Nuevo Lobster, whose peculiar preparation can only be found here in Baja.


  • Tijuana was the birthplace of the traditional and world-renowned Cesar Salad, which its original recipe can be found in a well-known restaurant.

Caesar Salad And Dressing

  • Its visitors can taste not only wine but also craft beer with original brews that are produced here and have been awarded international prizes, one of these breweries is the Tijuana Brewery.


  • In Baja California we can find the first craft cheese cellar made of stone of Latin America and the third most important dairy and cheese shop of México, offering top quality produce.


  • The concept of Bajamed cuisine was originated in Baja which is the combination of local produce and the Mediterranean influence merged with astounding techniques and the creative intake of oriental and Mexican tendencies to create a contemporary and unique flavor.