Participating Chefs

Baja California Culinary Fest – Participating Chefs

1. Adrian Herrera


BCC Fest Chef - Adrian HerreraSelf-taught, he studied cooking on his own. He opened his first restaurant, La Fonda San Francisco, in 2005. He specializes in his interpretation of regional Mexican cuisine. His second project, El Paso del Norte, focused on rescuing and interpreting the traditional flavors of Northeastern cuisine.

This year Chef Herrera opened, which offers a menu of contemporary Mexican cuisine, with an oriental influence

He is a short-story writer and editor of the Milenio group: he writes a weekly opinion column and is in charge of the culinary section of the magazine MSemanal.

He enjoys good physical health but has a mental imbalance, he has several outstanding projects, he does not have a cell phone, he hates opera, ballet, and football and is notoriously atheist.


City: Monterrey
Country: MEXICO
Gastronomic Contest ¨Rumbos de Baja California¨

2. Alexis Bostelmann

Alexis Bostelmann ChefCHEF

Alexis Bostelmann is the corporate chef of the Vidanta group, leading investor in the most spectacular holiday destinations in Latin America. Pioneer in developing more than 20 luxury holiday destinations in Latin America, in which Chef Bostelmann manages more than 60 restaurants of kitchens and specialties.

As a child, he was born into a passion for good food that was taught by his parents: great artists and creatives. Remember that they always encouraged that passion to try everything and new cuisines. After studying the militarized high school in the USA, he returns to Mexico, without the slightest idea of what he would do with his life, his mother took him to a dinner at the Mexican restaurant Cicero Centenario in the Historic Center; From that moment on, something told him that he wanted to do the rest of his life: cooking and eating well.

Later he joined the ranks of the Cicero as a practitioner, experimenting and living the Mexican cuisine through the great mayoras. After a while, I studied culinary arts at The Culinary Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and while studying I worked in bars, coffee shops, and some massive events like the Super Bowl and the Tennis Lipton Championship. In 1996 he graduated from the career and began his professional experience as a chef at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami. He stayed a couple of years and returned to Mexico to start a career in the Estoril restaurant under the tutelage of chef Pedro Ortega.

The Hotel Fiesta Americana Acapulco and Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun gave him the opportunity as Executive Chef next to Mr. Michel Beauffe and Chef Regis Lacombe. It was great learning for his hotel future. During this period he participated in festivals such as the organization of the Congress of Maitres Cuisiners de France and in several publications in the magazine of Chef a Chef, in the newspaper Reforma y Novedades, also in some appearances on National TV; He participated in the US Meat Export Federation gastronomic contest winning a medal in creativity and was awarded a culinary trip to New York and San Francisco attending several courses of the CIA.

He received an offer to start a large project with Grupo Vidanta; build a large resort of 3000 rooms and 20 restaurants which we continue to develop. He started as executive chef at the opening of the resort of the Riviera Maya under the tutelage of a great professional and friend Eric Dubaele, who believes in him and holds him responsible for the division of food and beverages and kitchens. In this period the hotel is internationally recognized with the Cristal and Earth Check certifications.

In 2005 he sought new experiences and traveled to the United States to work alongside renowned chef/entrepreneur Richard Sandoval as corporate chef of his restaurant group, opening restaurants in Dubai and different parts of the United States. In Dubai, he found his colleagues from the Vedanta Group where they offer him a great opportunity to return to the group, as the chain’s corporate chef.

  • He developed new creative concepts of restaurants like The Burger, Gong, Bluefish, Bistro Ratatouille and Chringuito tapas bar among others.
  • His career has led him to do several different activities such as:
  • Participate in spectacular events of more than 1500 people.
  • Direct openings of restaurants such as Frenzy in Buenos Aires and Sweet Paris in Houston.
  • Attend and participate in different conferences and gastronomic summits.
  • Travel through several countries and know different cultures and cuisines
  • Contribute actively to support the consumption of local and Mexican products for the creation and creation of a fresh, healthy and high-quality cuisine with the best products from Mexico.

3. Benito Molina Dubost


Benito Molina Dubost Chef BCCBenito Molina Dubost was born in Mexico City in 1968

His foray into the world of gastronomy begins a summer during a vacation at fifteen years where he works as a garrote in the renowned and sadly today disappeared Maxim’s of Paris in Mexico City. This experience would mark his destiny.

During the career of Economics he realizes that his true vocation is cooking, he returns to Maxim’s this time to the kitchen where he worked as a fishmonger’s assistant for a year. later he embarks on a tuna boat on the shores of La Paz Baja California Sur where he serves as a “pavo” kitchen helper and participates during the fishing of yellowfin tuna, this experience strengthens his great love of itself already existing with the sea.

He completed his professional studies at the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont, United States, where he met his mentor Maitre Cuisinier de France, Michel LeBorgne, who sent him to work with a colleague of his, another French master chef, in his native Brittany where he learned techniques for managing the fruits of the sea in a classic way. During that stay in Europe visit San Sebastian for the first time and is amazed by the richness of the Basque cuisine. He later moved to Boston Massachusets to work with renowned chef Todd English at his restaurant Olives, where he works as head of the departure in the wood-fired oven and later the pasta the style of cooking is much more Mediterranean especially Italian, this would end up influencing his style of cooking a lot. He returns to Mexico City where he holds the position of head chef for the first time.

The prestigious Mexican winemaker Hugo D’Acosta hired him as head chef for the restaurant La Embotelladora Vieja in Ensenada Baja California where he meets his wife the talented chef Solange Muris and they decided ten years ago to open their own restaurant called Manzanilla for the olive that is given in that region.

Today Manzanilla specializes in sustainable local products is a benchmark of the cuisine of Baja California and Mexico.

The magazine Life & Style considers that Manzanilla is one of the three most important Mexican restaurants of the decade.

The English publication Monocle considers it to be one of the 8 best in Mexico.
In 2007, together with chef Pedro Martin, he received the prize for the most original pintxo during the Arzak de Oro in San Sebastian.

In 2009 the publishing house Larousse selected him as one of the top chefs of Mexico in a publication with the same name.

His other participations in Baja California are the Muelle Tres restaurant on the Malecon in Ensenada specializes in shellfish cooking especially, during the summer opens a terrace in Guadalupe Valley between olive trees and vineyards there is a single menu and everything is cooked to the firewood.

Benito Molina has represented Mexican cuisine in cities such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, San Sebastian, Stockholm, and New York to name a few.