Chef Profile: Andrés Madrigal

Chef Profile: Andrés Madrigal


Chef Andrés MadrigalAndrés Madrigal was born on the day of San Lorenzo, according to tradition, patron of the cooks. His training in the kitchen was practical, as he passed through prestigious restaurants such as El Bodegón, Other Epicure, Príncipe y Serrano or La Alborada. In addition, he has learned from great masters of the kitchen at Alain Ducasse, Juan Mari Arzak and Roger Vergé.

He spent 5 years in El Olivo, next to Jean Pierre Vandell where he got his first Michelin star, and in 1999 he started working in Balzac. After his departure from the aforementioned restaurant, he was involved with his work as a restorer in the Atelier Madrigal, Azul Profundo and Madrigal’s workshop within the Alboroque Espacio Exclusivo project, designed to offer a fun author’s cuisine. With Andrés Madrigal in charge of the kitchen, this space was awarded in 2008 as Best Restaurant of the year and in 2009 it received a Michelin star

Michelin Star

In his eagerness to constantly renew himself, the chef left Alboroque Espacio Exclusivo, to undertake new adventures, such as the inauguration in early 2010 of his own restaurant Bistro Madrigal and take over the gastronomic direction of Kitchen Club and like Keller Galería Gastrobar.

In 2012, he started several projects, different from each other but just as exciting. The first: the renewed concept of Sukothay restaurant, as the new Asian Bistro, which for 10 years has been one of the references of oriental cuisine in Madrid, located in Paseo de la Castellana 105. Madrigal describes this collaboration: “As you know, I have a tremendous weakness for the different oriental cuisines, that is why I am so excited about the work in Bistró Sukothay, where I hope to share knowledge of my travels, of this journey of knowledge, of culture, of other ways of proving life “.

Other Work

On the other hand, he is a consultant for a new traditional Asturian cuisine restaurant: Asgaya (opened since July 2012).

It will also take the address of the “Mirador de Humboldt” in Tenerife since September 2012.
The new professional challenge in Panama is “Madrigal”. A restaurant that will open its doors in January 2013 where Andres will leave his good work of the best traditional Spanish cuisine.

He continues to be a regular at gatherings and collaborations on different television and radio stations (he has been collaborating with Alberto Granados in the Serve for 4 years, where he talks about music, one of his great passions).

Books And Writing

With several books written and dozens of contributions in gastronomic compilations, Andrés is finished a CD with music and recipes where he will take us on a trip to different towns in the world.

We could continue writing about Andrés Madrigal, but he is a simple person, where the most important thing is in His Kitchen and not in his numerous talks in Latin American countries, prizes, awards or participation in different gastronomic events of the World.

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